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Download JXplorer

Download either the base open source JXplorer, or the larger JXplorer + JXWorkbench package (which includes the reporting engine and JXWorkbench extension plugin, but requires a $10 licence key to activate plugin features).

Special thanks to BitRock for their donation of BitRock InstallBuilder
to the JXplorer Open Source Project!


Base JXplorer

    (free and open source: ~ 7Mb)

Platform Package
Windows jxplorer- Buy JXWorkBench Enterprise plugin
Linux jxplorer-
Solaris Sparc jxplorer-
Solaris Intel jxplorer-
HPUX jxplorer-
BSD jxplorer-
AIX jxplorer-
OSX 10.6 / 10.7 jxplorer-
Full Buildable Project jxplorer-
JavaDoc jxplorer-

JXplorer with pre-packaged JXWorkBench

    (including reporting engine and extended features: ~ 50Mb)

Windows jxworkbench-
Linux jxworkbench-
Solaris Sparc jxworkbench-
Solaris Intel jxworkbench-
HPUX jxworkbench-
BSD jxworkbench-
AIX jxworkbench-
OSX 10.6 / 10.7 jxworkbench-

Sample Reports

Sample Jasper Reports jxworkbench-